At Smiley Face Records we strive to capture a performance, not manufacture one. We are a Houston recording studio owned and operated by musicians, songwriters, and performers that have a first hand knowledge of the need for a quality product on a meager budget. It is our goal to provide a creative and comfortable environment for your project to take shape. Get professional "radio ready" results from our recording, mixing and mastering services.

But don't just take our word for it...listen to what some of the bands, musicians and venues I've worked with have to say about working with Smiley Face Records both live and in the studio

"Smiley Face Records is by far the best place to record in Houston. I had recorded in many studios big and small and didn't quite feel comfortable until I met the one and only Cindy Pruitt. Newest Recording equipment...? Cindy has it, Vintage Recording equipment... Cindy has it, add that to the overwhelming sense of comfort and sense of Artist support that Cindy's personality naturally exudes and you get a combination for making music that can not be matched by anyone anywhere else. Since I found Smiley Face Records it became my sole location for recording."
Jimmie (J Metro) Moore - www.IamJmetro.com

"I now have a successful local career because I had Smiley Face Records record my first CD (check it out at my site below) and design my killer website. Cindy also helped to video me while I recorded the CD and also posted those videos plus my professional photos on the website. You can say she offers to total package. Hell, she even designed my business cards and created my YOUTUBE site (currently over 12,000 hits). My advice. Call Cindy and let her handle it all. You will be shocked at how reasonable she is. I now have 3 party/event planners that use my site to promote me and I don't have to call around begging for work. See you guys in Vegas cuz that's where I am heading."
Dino John - Dino John sings the Classics

"Cindy Pruitt is an extremely attentive and qualified sound person. We had the opportunity to work with her numerous times, and every time she does sound for us, our experience is extremely positive. She cares, has a great attitude, and strives for the optimal experience for both listener and performer."
Frank Zweback - Skyblue72- ZWEE - D.R.U.M.

"Cindy has run sound at several Molly & The Ringwalds live shows. She always puts out a great audio mix, both in the audience and onstage. She's easy to work with and is always a step ahead. We enjoy working with Cindy and it makes the show so much easier for us knowing that she's on the job."
Dekan Ringwald -Molly & The Ringwalds

"Cindy, folks don't know that you literally saved the Pride Festival sound. You stepped in at a moments notice, solved the setup problems and, then, stayed the rest of the day to make sure all went well. Plus, given all the problems, i.e....Ridiculous equipment, less than adequate tech folks provided by the production company and THE HEAT, you were great fun and a pleasure to work with the entire day."
Dale Miller - Stage Manager 2008 Houston Pride Festival

"When we performed at Chances, we were blessed to have Cindy Pruitt handle our sound. She paid attention to how we wanted the guitar equalized and made sure that the balance of vocals and all the instruments were just right. We've had many a bad experience with other so-called "sound engineers" and its nice to have someone like Cindy who is not only very good at what she does, but truly cares about getting your sound right and not just rushing through it."
Shanti Marsena - Soul Fixx

"Adrian and the Sickness had the pleasure of working with Cindy Pruitt at Chances Bar. On top of being totally professional and sweet, she had our fans smiling with her excellent ear for live sound. Chances Bar is a difficult room to run sound for, as it has all hard surfaces and the sound bounces all over the place. She did a great job dealing with all parameters."
Adrian Conner - Adrian and the Sickness

"Smiley Face Recording Studio gets a great vocal recording, ESPECIALLY for the price. I often recommend the studio to my friends who are artists."
Evrim - EvrimsMuzika.com

Cindy recorded our demo a couple of years ago. She was such a pleasure to work with. Not only did she do a good job with the mix, but did an excellent job at making all of us feel very comfortable. I don't know about other musicians, but I get really nervous when I know my vocals are being recorded. Cindy was very patient with me and she did her best to make me feel more at ease. After the recording was done, she would have us listen to it to ensure we liked what she had and was very open to our comments. The good thing about Cindy is that she's a musician herself so she has a very good understanding of how everything should sound. Not only does she sing, but plays guitar, bass and drums so she definitely has a good ear which helped everything move along that much quicker. Thanks Cindy!"
Sally Vee - firefly & heart of glass