Smiley Face Records has been open since 2005 and is a recording facility owned and operated by musicians, songwriters, and performers that have a first hand knowledge of the need for a quality product. Our recording rates start at $60.00 per hour, but we prefer to quote per project rates so that artists do not need to "watch the clock" and lose the muse. We have a wonderful stable of professional studio musicians available for hire if your project requires. It is our goal to provide a creative and comfortable environment for your project to take shape. Our Digital/Analog Studio is built around the ProTools system, Toft ATB board and SSL modules with top-quality monitors, mixers, outboard gear, plug-ins, vintage gear and microphones. As musicians and producers we can help you to develop and produce your project.


Cindy Pruitt - Owner/Producer/Engineer

"Cindy has been mixing live sound since 1998, and mixing sound in a studio setting since 2004. She has embraced an organic approach to her music production as well as her studio work. In the studio she strives for a comfortable and productive environment for the performer to achieve the best recording possible. For live music she works for a great sound for the audience and the performer. She is a member of BMI, a voting member of The Recording Academy and a 2013 Houston Press Music Award winner.

"Nothing compares to the joy of helping a band or performer sound their best in presenting their music to an audience whether live or on CD". She started recording and producing as a hobby and a dream, now it is how she makes her living. Her ambitions are always growing as she continues to upgrade her studio gear and further hone her craft.

She records and works with musicians who consider themselves artists to help them bring their music to the next level. Recorded music is her art. But don't just take our word for it...listen to what some of the bands, musicians and venues she has worked with have to say about her abilities and demeanor both live and in the studio on the testimonials page..."

Charles L. England Jr. - Producer/Engineer

Producer, Engineer, Master audiologist, Sonic Artist, Sound designer, Studio Designer, Educator, PreSonus Endorser...

These are just a few Titles Mr. England currently holds. He designed the layout of Smiley Face Records Studio and acts as a consultant for both the gear we have and how we use it.

Charles has spent 31 years in the industry as a touring professional with many top named bands. Amongst his other skills, Mr. England Has been a Professional Drum Tech/Tuner, Guitar Tech, Guitar Rig designer, Vintage Amp expert, He has also been a consultant for Digidesign/AVID, as well as many other equipment manufacturers.

He specializes in Vintage recording techniques utilizing the most Modern equipment. And Prefers Mobile Recording rather than be "pinned Down" to a Studio.

Mr. England Also Teaches Advanced Production Techniques and Theory to a select group of students, (you must have a basic knowledge of the gear before Mr. England will consider taking you on as a student)

He currently owns/ operates
PsudoMystic Records; Specializing in 5.1 surround sound,
dead Buddhist Dude Ranch Productions; Specializing in location recording,
Thor Audio Consultants, consulting on gear design
England Design Services, Designing studios and recording environments
ToneJunkies, Custom Pedals, Amp Mods
Mr. England is available upon request to Produce/Engineer your project, at an additional nominal fee. As Well as Mixing and Mastering.

Stephen Pavlik - Audio Engineer

Stephen currently runs Pavlik Productions offering live sound engineering for national and local festivals and events. These days he is on tour running sound for The Eli Young Band, but we love getting him in the studio when we can.


We follow Charles' philosophy in audio engineering...it is an artform. We are sonic artists who use sound to manipulate the listeners perception. We strive to create sonic works of art acoustically and our gear is just a means to that end. To sterilize or take the human emotion out of music is an abomination. Music is emotion and it should move you in some way.

If you are looking for a facility to record and create some REAL music with real emotion and feeling, then we look forward to working with you!

A true artist or craftsman does not blame their tools for their shortcomings, rather they create the best product they can with the tools at hand. They will simply find alternate ways to achieve their end goal.