The Art of Putting it All Together
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Analog and Digital Used together
Where REAL musicians record
Vintage Vibe / Modern Facility
Getting the Best Tones is where we start

real musicians record at smiley face records

Our passion and art is music. We work with artist and musicians who have that same passion and want to take their music to the next level. We use organic recording techniques and vintage gear with modern digital technology to paint pretty pictures sonically.

we strive to capture a performance NOT create one

We want to push past perfection and capture real, honest performances. We will NOT trigger drums, autotune vocals or use excessive looping or cutting and pasting of performances. That is not organic, it is NOT real and it truly strips out the human element.

RECORDING The Art of Capturing the Sound

Music is our life. The first step to a great recording is properly capturing that perfect tone. Every piece of the puzzle from the instrument and performer to microphone selection and placement is a crucial part of capturing the best representation of the music.

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MIXING The Art of Putting it All Together

Once we have that perfect "shot" and have captured the performance, the next step is to mix that performance to present the best possible representation of your music to the masses. This is the stage where everything starts to come together in your project.

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MASTERING The Art of Preparing the Final Mix

Mastering is what gives depth, punch, clarity and volume to your tracks. The tracks are shaped, sculpted, scooped, equalized, compressed, and finessed into sonic perfection through the audio process known as mastering. Mastering is widely misunderstood, and often mistaken for mixing.

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